If thats wrong, then I don’t wanna be right…

How vintage football shirts are becoming more common with a pair of jeans than a pair of boots

Sometimes football kits can go very wrong – but very often when they do, within the next decade those same shirts are labelled iconic. Take for instance the VFL 97’ stripe, then considered to be ‘gay’, with it’s LGBT rainbow pattern down its front, an opinion most likely born out of a football hooliganism culture. Today however, it is a shirt that can be celebrated with the times, as Gay Pride is an event celebrated internationally around cities, whether you’re gay, straight or from another solar system.

VFL 97′

Football is the most popular sport on planet earth and the shirts which represent each team and ideology are fast becoming a fashion item amongst sub-cultures of society, especially in Britain – with the indie and alternative scenes.

PSG Air Jordan Campaign 

In 2018 alone, shirts from the likes of PSG, which is incidentally in Paris – a city considered the fashion capital of the world, are considered to be iconic. They have been endorsed by desirable brands such as that of Air Jordan.

Nigeria too, introduced a shirt of the same magnitude for the 2018 World Cup, not to any surprise it happened to sell out in the first day as a result of its popularity – with features representing Africa, bright green designs and sharp patterns. The shirt is easily paired with designer trainers and can be matched with an array of outfits, making extremely fashionable.

Alexander Iwobi sporting Nigeria’s 2018 World Cup strip


Adidas Originals Fashion

Even if you are not too inclined towards the beautiful game, it can still be said that certain shirts will appeal to your taste in clothing. Big sports-wear brands such as Adidas go to lengths to recreate iconic shirts that can be attributed to everyday comfort – such as their take on Germany’s home shirt.







Similar to collaborations that can be seen with uber-brands like Supreme – football teams are too a brand, and it is with these factors that football shirts become desirable, collectable and as a result, fashionable.

Queue outside of a Supreme launch – how long before we see a collaboration with a top flight football team or nation?


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